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eLabs Portal

eLabs Portal is a secure, HIPAA compliant, web-based tool that was built to serve employees and client needs for ClearPoint Diagnostic Laboratories, med fusion, Pathologists Bio Medical (PBM), and Renal Path Diagnostics.  There are multiple resources available under the 'umbrella' of eLabsPortal:
  • eLabs Results Portal
    • HemePath Dashboard
  • eLabs Collaboration Portal
  • eLabs Image Portal
  • eLabs PBM Intranet

eLabs Results Portal

Our Results Portal was built to provide immediate, real-time access to patient's laboratory test results as they are released. A free service, clients only need Internet access to login.  Immediately available: direct access to patient laboratory results wherever you are, whenever you want. The result: convenience for you and better care for your patients. Beyond the standard reporting methods, we offer our eLab Results Portal to provide efficiency and flexibility of managing your lab results.  Additionally, electronic results' reporting is the cornerstone of laboratory - physician integration providing:
  • Better patient management
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Efficient lab management
  • Secure information sharing 

Combined expertise for high quality patient care

ClearPoint Diagnostic Laboratories, Pathologists Bio-Medical (PBM), and its reference laboratory, med fusion have uniquely combined their expertise to offer comprehensive clinical and anatomic pathology services, including more than 1,400 tests. Collectively, these trusted laboratory partners are focusing on each patient episode of care, performing an array of tests in one location, under one roof. This eliminates redundant testing, saves time with integrated data, and delivers expedited treatment for more cost-effective care and better patient outcomes.       

How do I gain access?

Contact your field service/sales representative to request access​  

 eLabs Portal Partners



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